Attic Bathroom

Install shelving in niches beneath sloping walls and create a luxurious feel with a walk-in wet room style shower and a large freestanding bath. A delicate colour scheme helps soften the angular lines of the room and a window seat with cupboards below is both comfortable and practical.


o A console table or a simple chest of drawers can be adapted to make an excellent alternative to expensive fitted units and create a stylish integrated look.

o A wet room style shower will increase the sense of space within the room, while a specially made storage unit below a window can double as seating.

o Draw up a detailed plan of the room, and consider each corner carefully. For example, can you fit a shower under one of the eaves?

o Consult a good bathroom supplier for advice on creating a wet room.

o Paint walls and pieces of furniture in pale colours to give the room a light, spacious feel.

o All wood used in a bathroom should be oiled to protect it against water. Choose wooden flooring that has been engineered for use in a bathroom.

o Use different materials, such as wood and stone, to create gentle divisions in the room.

o Make removable covers for all soft furnishings so that they can be easily washed.

o Use acrylic eggshell or a specially formulated bathroom paint with a plastic base which is impervious to water and can be wiped down.

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